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Jennifer Bartlett’s work and career embody quintessential ideals of American art: her serialization of geometric forms; familiar objects that recall the American homescape—a house, a tree, a white picket fence; along with literal painterly shapes, a line or a brush stroke. An obsessively energetic and versatile artist, Bartlett has, for the past forty years, explored and exploded the ever-expanding possibilities of painting. Using the grid as an organizational system, Bartlett paints and draws with a nely tuned understanding of the sensation of color and form, creating modular images that range from the abstract to the representational. 

This exquisite wearable is based on Bartlett’s One Foot Line from the Parrish Art Museum collection and was produced exclusively for the Parrish Art Museum in collaboration with the artist, by weR2.

Jennifer Bartlett (American, born 1941)

 One Foot Line, 1974

Enamel on steel 2 plates, 12 x 12 inches each, 12 x 25 inches overall

Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, N.Y., Gift of Paul F. Walter, 1982.10.9